Auto Pressure Sprayer

Auto Pressure Sprayer

The Auto Pressure Sprayer is a great product for cleaning vehicle tires and engines.  It’s perfect for cleaning RVs, ATVs, and boats where you need to spray a large area or where a pressurized spray is needed.  The Auto Pressure Sprayer can be sprayed continuously with one hand because of the clever lever lock that makes it easy to spray large areas.  The Auto Pressure Sprayer is chemically resistant.  We have added special parts that greatly extend the range of compatible chemicals so that you can dispense the broadest range of chemicals.

Delta Industries offers a unique optional Extender Orbital Nozzle Wand which permits easy access to hard to reach places. The nozzles rotate so the powerful spray can be aimed quite precisely.  You can choose to operate one nozzle or two nozzles, and the nozzles rotate independently so you have maximum flexibility to spray in two directions or concentrate the flow in one direction.  This Extender Orbital Nozzle Wand is also chemically resistant.

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The ULTIMATE sprayer, exclusively available from Delta, just got a little bit better!It's still the only sprayer to come with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!.

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No metal parts and all its plastic parts are 100% recyclable.  This makes it an environmentally friendly sprayer as it can be fully recycled!

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Pressure Sprayers

Made for large areas or where a pressurized spray is needed! Use around the home, in the garden, everywhere!


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