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Delta Releases New Bottles

Delta Releases New Bottles

Delta has released several new bottles that are now available to you (some restrictions apply).  We have decorating capabilities available for each bottle.

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Description: 32 oz Offset Narrow Mouth Oblong

Delta Item # B32OBL2W1-C

Bottle Type: HDPE

Neck Finish: 28 mm Ratchet

Description: 32 oz Offset Neck Oblong

Delta Item # B32OBL2W1LF-D

Bottle Type: HDPE

Neck Finish: 38/400

Description: 40 oz Offset Neck Oblong

Delta Item # B40OBL2W1LF-D

Bottle Type: HDPE

Neck Finish: 38/400

Description: Round Wide Mouth ½ Gallon

Delta Item # B64RND2W1-U

Bottle Type: HDPE

Neck Finish: 110/400

Description: Rectangular Wide Mouth 5 Liter

Delta Item # B5LTOBL2N1-U

Bottle Type: HDPE

Neck Finish: 110/400

Anago Cleaning Systems

High Output Sprayers Receive Positive Reviews from Anago Cleaning Systems

We are now stocking an old favorite. Delta Industries is pleased to supply two new high output sprayer models, the S3333 and S3345. Both sprayers have a superior output per stroke at 3.3 cc. They are constructed for heavy duty commercial and industrial use. While the S3333 has a regular neck finish of 28/400, the S3345 offers a wide mouth opening, which makes it easier to fill.

The cleaning industry professionals have been ecstatic about Delta carrying these new high output sprayers. We sent out samples of both the S3333 and S3345 to the cleaning professionals at Anago Cleaning Systems in Philadelphia and received positive feedback. After only two weeks into working with our sprayers, Anago’s staff marveled at both the S3333 and S3345 high output trigger sprayers. 

The staff was impressed with the high output spray dispensed by both sprayers. They also recognized the professional durability of both high output sprayers, which distinguished these two sprayers from the trigger sprayers brands Anago used in the past. Anago also enjoyed the wide mouth feature of the S3345, which eliminated the worry of spilling when refilling their cleaning bottles.

With Anago Cleaning Systems being known for providing a state-of-the-art cleaning service that is performed to each client’s specifications, their cleaning professionals are comforted knowing they have a durable sprayer that provides a high output spray to make their jobs a little easier. The S3333 and S3345 are reliable and ensure Anago cleaning professionals meet the high quality that has propelled them into being a high demand cleaning service!

Delta’s Orbital Sprayer Turns Cleaning at 7 Deuce Sports Upside Down

Tra Thomas, retired NFL offensive tackle, achieved excellence in his professional football career with eleven storied years on the Philadelphia Eagles, three Pro Bowl nods, and one All-Pro selection. As owner of 7 Deuce Sports, a specialty training facility open to all levels of clients, Tra Thomas demands the best equipment and the best tools for his clients, for his staff, and for his business.

The heavy use of professional training equipment requires the very best tools for cleaning and maintenance. Tra Thomas relies on Delta Industry’s Orbital Spray Bottle, which he considers the best spray bottle for training facilities. This spray bottle sprays upside down, right side up, and sideways, which makes cleaning gym equipment much easier. To clean their strength building equipment and medicine balls effectively, Thomas and his staff are able to position the Orbital Spray Bottle upside down and in unusual angles. The Orbital Spray Bottle continues spraying strongly in any position. This important feature cuts down on the time and effort needed to clean equipment, and ensures that the cleaning is completed most effectively.

Delta’s Orbital Sprayer is the only spray bottle Tra Thomas and the staff at 7 Deuce Sports use.  Considering no other spray bottle they tried has ever been able to effectively spray fluid when held upside down, Thomas and his staff are still amazed by its ability to spray at any angle.  Thomas and his staff stress making all aspects of 7 Deuce Sports the best, and that philosophy carries through to a detail like choosing Delta’s Orbital Sprayer!

Product Spotlight: Delta Plant Care Product Line

Spring Into Action!

Even though we are still only halfway through winter, it is never too early to think about the prime gardening season!  Gardeners are itching to get back outside to work and will be looking for the most effective tools.  Check out Delta Industry’s Plant Care Line to find the most durable and effective Spray Bottle tools that every gardener will need!

The EnviroKind® Plant Care Sprayer offers an extra output sprayer with a full ergonomic three finger trigger.  If you are looking for a durable high output professional sprayer, which discharges almost three times the liquid of a standard sprayer, check out our 40 oz Professional Plant Care Sprayer.  Our 48 oz Plant Care Pressure Sprayer is our quick priming pressure sprayer with a continuous spray that was designed specifically for the plant care industry.

Delta Industry Products Help Preserve History at Normandy Farms

NormandyIn the middle of the western Philadelphia suburbs Normandy Farms , a historic landmark 300 years old, proudly stands. This property has been entered into the National Register of Historic Places, an official list of the nation’s cultural resources worthy of preservation. This list includes all properties significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering and culture, which contribute to an understanding of the historical and cultural foundations of the nation. Normandy Farms started its historical story as a pub/lodging, continued as a farming property, and is presently a hotel and conference center. Despite the centuries of use, the restoration, renovation, and quality care taking have kept this important historical landmark looking presentable for all guests and visitors.

normandy farmNormandy Farm Hotel in Blue Bell PA realizes the importance of maintaining the property and passes that urgency to all of his staff. With almost 200 rooms and twenty-two conference rooms, the job of keeping the property clean and presentable is no small task. Most of the rooms have unique pieces of furniture that fit the style of that specific room, which makes the up keeping of each piece of furniture critical.

In order to decrease the difficulty of cleaning of each room, Keisha Gomez, director of the Normandy Farm’s house keeping department has turned to Delta Industries for the most up-to-date, durable, and powerful sprayers. With the SprayMaster, the cleaning staff is able to spray a wider variety of cleaning substances without worrying about wearing out the sprayer based on the amount of use the sprayer receives. The durability was impressive to Normandy Farm’s staff. The staff was also awed by the Orbital Sprayer’s ability to spray upside down. This advanced sprayer helps the house keeping staff clean long mirrors that stretch all the way to the floor without having to squat, kneel, or bend. Finally the staff raved about the high output spray discharge delivered by the Little Giant sprayer, which helped the staff with their tough cleaning jobs.

Although the up keeping of Normandy Farms is a tough job, this detail does not minimize the importance of preserving one of our historical landmarks. The staff puts all effort into this job and takes their responsibility seriously. With the help of Delta Industries, Normandy Farm’s house keeping department can continue doing a great job in preserving a piece of history without tiring themselves with unnecessary work.

SprayMaster Answers Berglund Construction’s Need for Durability

burgHigh atop the scaffolds of buildings throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio, the workers from Berglund Construction complete building projects for their clients on a daily basis. The construction workers approach every job with extreme detail and strive for perfection. It is this strategy that continues to help Berglund Construction earn a reputation for quality service, even when facing the most challenging construction assignments.

Although the overall goal of perfection can be intimidating, Berglund Construction overcomes this pressure by paying attention to every detail, no matter how small. This includes using cleaning solvents to prep the substrate for sealant, applying water on the mortar joint before installing mortar, and doing spot cleaning. All of these jobs require a spray bottle, but because these workers are hundreds of feet high on many of these job sites, the need for a durable and reliable spray bottle is important to the Berglund Construction employees.

Delta Industry’s SprayMasterTM was the only option when Berglund was considering high output sprayers to use on their job sites. Berglund Construction workers found the SprayMasterTM trigger sprayer offers compatibility and durability with a wide range of chemicals, which gave them confidence the sprayer would not fail mid-job while hundreds of feet in the air. The construction workers were also impressed by the bottle’s thicker resin, which offers greater durability and longevity on the job site.

“We have completed numerous projects using SprayMasterTM sprayers. We have come to rely upon their durability and handling action even on our most demanding projects,” says Erich Stefans, the Field Operations Manager for Berglund Construction. Erich and the Berglund Construction team are thankful for the durability SprayMasterTM provides on the job site. It gives them one less thing to worry about as successfully complete their daily construction jobs.

spraymaster burg

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